Weinviertel DAC

Districtus Austriae Controllatus (Austrian designation of origin)

As the first wine-growing region in Austria, the Weinviertel opted for this clear and recognizable quality and provenance guarantee in 2003.

The DAC mark recognises a typical high-quality wine of the Grüner Veltliner varietyfrom the Wine Quarter. It distinguishes the Wine Quarter varietal by its spicy – peppery touch, but also its contrasting delicately fruity style. The Weinviertel DAC is an excellent accompaniment to any meal and offers pure drinking pleasure.

Our wines

Gelber Muskateller 2017

Dry, 11,5 % vol alc.

Fruity, prominent muscat bouquet, smell of elderberry blossoms, light, fresh with fruity acidity

Welschriesling 2017

Dry, 12,0 % vol alc.

Fresh, fruity and delicate, ideal summer wine

Weinviertel DAC Tögeln 2017, Grüner Veltliner

Dry, 12,5 % vol alc.

expressive peppery spice, harmonious acidity

Weinviertel DAC Classic 2017, Grüner Veltliner

Dry, 12,0 % vol alc.

Pronounced, fruity varietal bouquet, sparkling, spicy

Riesling 2017

Dry, 12,5 % vol alc.

lively acidity, fine, noble and distinctive, unmistakable Rieslings bouquet, elegant and flowery

Pinot Blanc 2017

Dry, 12,5 % vol alc.

Very exquisite, elegant and harmonious, full-bodied, long finish

Chardonnay 2017

Dry, 13 % vol. Alc.

Expressive and attractive, full, very full-bodied wine, zesty acidity

Aurora Rosé 2017

Dry, 12,5 % vol alc.

Delicate perfume of wild strawberries, lively drinking pleasure

Zweigelt 2015

12 % vol alc.

Ruby red, delicate scent, fruity-spicy, full-bodied with mild tannins

St. Laurent 2015

12 %vol. alc.

fine, fruity bouquet, delicate scent of sour cherries, full-bodied

Merlot Barrique 2015

Dry, 13 % vol alc.

Fine vanilla tea, velvety harmonious finish, full-bodied, well integrated wood

We invite you to experience our award-winning wines in our comfortable tasting room. We will gladly spend time with you but ask that you please pre-book your visit should you wish to have a tour of the estate and production facilities.

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