Our Story

The Hanke family has a long tradition in Viticulture.

The bottling of estate wines began in 1956 and from the outset, quality was of utmost importance.

The family business has continuously developed and is now managed by its fourth generation.


Our Family

Fritz’s main focus is on the work in the vineyard, which he leads through strictly controlled and integrated plant protection. He prioritises grape thinning and precise foliage work – the quality process begins in the vineyard.

Michael graduated from the prestigious Higher Federal College of Wine and Fruit in Klosterneuburg. He combines his responsibilities on the farm with his leadership of the Cellar Technology Division of  Wallner, a testing, research and development company in the wine industry.

Thus, the father’s many years of experience and the son’s profound expertise meet. This results in high-quality, promisingly fresh and finessed(maybe use well-balanced) wines.

Rosi pulls the strings in the background. She is an important link in the family and supports the two men in all areas. This includes the administrative work, sales and the organisation of the “open cellar”.

Christina has opted for a successful career in the health sector, but is happy to help with the family business.

Corinna completed her training at the Higher Educational Centre for Tourism and Leisure in Krems. She has gained valuable experience in the field of service in many companies at home and abroad, which she now employs in the business.

This convergence of



love of the vine!

results in wines full of personality, passion and expressiveness.