The estate is located in the north-eastern wine district of Lower Austria that is important for viticulture. In the small town of Herrnbaumgarten. This picturesque Veltlinerland of the gently rolling hills is characterized by vineyards, castles and historical monuments. The idyllic landscape is a tapestry of vineyards laced by narrow lanes that all but hide age old cellars.


The soil diversity in the Weinviertel makes it possible to produce both white and red wines. Despite the proximity of neighbouring vineyards in Herrnbaumgarten, soil types vary. This in turn, coupled with variable microclimates, produces quite variable wines. Large parts of the wine quarter is covered with loess. This light, sandy, chalky soil, gives us our spicy, fruity, rich wines.


Veltlinerland (the wine quater) is not only one of the driest wine-growing areas, but with about 2000 hours of sunshine per year also one of the most sunny. Significant temperature differences during the day and night also favour the cultivation of wine in Austria’s most precipitation deprived area. The continental Pannonian climate offers ideal conditions for producing wines of the highest quality.

Management of the vineyards

The responsible handling of nature, the revitalisation of the soil through constant greening, yield control, targeted foliage work and timing of the harvest are decisive factors in the quality of our wines. We rely on the Mating Disruption technique for pest control and thus dispense completely with insecticides.


Despite challenges that nature presents to us every year, we consistently produce quality wines through the careful processing of exclusively healthy grapes and by using modern cellar technology and a controlled fermentation management system. Our elegant, fruity and delicately-rich wines mature in stainless steel tanks.